Genres & Styles: soul, Brokent Beat, deep, house, techno…

Dj since 15 years, Sakhaah loves to play long dj/set with deep to techno sounds, with large spectral of sounds.
He is a digger forever!! I listen electronic music since 35 years, bathed since his childhood thanks her mother contemporary dance choregrapher!!
Based in St-Etienne (France), he already played in differents parts of europe.
Sakhaah shared the stage with many artists since several years.
Feat : love Freevox mixer =)
Differentiate between :
– SAKHAAH is Dj nickname,
– Sakhaah Schwereloos is music-productor nickname !

Last podcsat rec @ Lab.23 (Saint-Etienne), really dub and deep,
Enjoy chill-time !!
Sakhaah directs his latest podcast to techno sounds, many bomb-tracks, with big minimal techno, acid, and really burn for the dancefloor.
No playlist done, listen and jump, no time to shazam ^_^